Work Experience

Sr. Software Developer / Noon Academy
Javascript, NextJS, ReactJS, Redux, HTML, CSS, SCSS, NodeJS

June 2020 - Present

- Noon Academy is a Middle-East company, Our goal is to connects students with on-demand tutors, it's kind of social channel to connect teacher and student.

- My contribution at is mostly in web apps (Student, Teacher and Admin) using Javacript, NextJS, ReactJS, SCSS

- Our goal is to make web light weight, fast and accessible

- Major features i worked on is build new student web classroom, group pages, teacher dashboard, planner(calendar), curriculum(drag and drop), Payment Gatewway Integration etc.

- Responsible for end to end delivery of the feature, from design until it goes live.

Software Developer (Contract) / Quodroid Software
AngularJS, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Lodash, ServiceNow API

July 2018 - Oct 2020

- Designed pages and frontend functionalities in AngularJS

- Implemented server script (using javascript and ServiceNow wrapper functions) to get data

- Used ServiceNow features to customise UI, create widgets, pages, table, UI scripts, etc.

Software Developer (Contract) / Chrome Extension (Reflektive)
HTML, JavaScript, Browser Extension, InboxSDK

Aug 2019 - Sept 2019

Reflektive's browser extension is used to read user details from the email user is reading and load info about the user in sidebar panel.

- Refactor Extension code

- Used inboxSDK API to load Chrome extension as add-on

- Integrated Inbox SDK API

- Integrated Bug tracker in extension

Software Developer (Contract) / Orion (Siderus)
ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ElectronJS, Basic Of IPFS, Hugo

Aug 2019 - Sept 2019

Orion is a peer to peer file sharing application(Web/Desktop), where you can upload and download any file, Build using IPFS protocol.

- Designed & implemented UI for siderus file sharing app

- Designed, with hugo using material ui

- Implemented features like theme switch, share file & download file options, and new addition in settings menu

- Added option to sync setting in electron and web app with web workers

- Used web workers to communicate between web and electron app

Software Developer (Contract) / Plivo Documentation
Javascript, Jekyll, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Google Drive Sheet API

Oct 2018 - May 2019

- Developing the documentation and marketing pages of Plivo

- Conversion of html pages into Jekyll

- Bug fixes across pages

Software Engineer / Cleartrip Pvt Ltd
React, HTML/CSS, RequireJS, Javascript, BackboneJS

March 2017 - July 2018

- Worked as a part of the hotel UI team to incorporate new designs on the search page and also rewrite the filter module

- Implemented the effective pricing module which tackled various use cases around final prices seen on the checkout page such as money in wallet, etc.

- Built the 'Shortlist Hotel' module using React which allows users to filter hotels on search page itself without logging in

- Worked on background sync for search API to load hotel page faster

Sr. Software Engineer / Polycom Technology R&D Center
CSS, HTML, AngularJS, NodeJS, Grunt, RequireJS, Javascript

April 2015 - March 2017

- RPWS is a browser-based video calling portal that collaborates with other Polycom meeting endpoints

- Implemented the UI of asset-ready features with unit test cases

- Worked on features such as 'Join Meeting; and 'In meeting' (Includes video rendering, meeting menu feature, stats, other settings, content sharing etc.)

- Implemented APIs to integrate with third party clients

Software Engineer / Da-Coders (BizInTrade)
C#, .NET, MVC, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuerys

April 2013 - Jan 2015

- The portal is used to post classified ads online with the main features including search, login/register, lists, messaging functionality to users, add to favourites, and admin dashboard

- Helped in design and UI Implementation of assets-ready features

- Handled user facing features like search, product listing, message post, product view etc

Software Engineer / Alpine Health
C#, .NET, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery

April 2012 - April 2013

- Worked on e-Commerce portal for sellers and buyers of consumer products

- Sellers are given the tools to create their online stores and upload various products

- Helped in design and UI Implementation of assets-ready features

- Worked on user-facing modules including cart, payment gateway integration and pages such as home, category, product, search, etc.