Mahipat Jadav
Mahipat Jadav
Freelance Software Developer

With 7+ years of experience as a developer and worked across diverse fields such as e-commerce, travel, pharma and collaboration domains. Proficient in technologies such as React, Javascript, HTML/CSS, NodeJS and AngularJS, my passion for frontend development allows me to analyze and develop beautiful, fast and functional user interfaces.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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Work Experience

Freelance Software Developer / Other Projects
Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, GatsbyJS, NodeJS, Netlify, Github, Bootstrap, PWA, MongoDB, Wordpress API, Email Notification, Static website
July 2018 - Present

Freelance Software Developer / Chrome Extension (Reflektive)
HTML, JavaScript, Browser Extension, InboxSDK
Aug 2019 - Sept 2019

Reflektive's browser extension is used to read user details from the email user is reading and load info about the user in sidebar panel.

- Refactor Extension code

- Used inboxSDK API to load Chrome extension as add-on

- Integrated Inbox SDK API

- Integrated Bug tracker in extension

Freelance Software Developer / Orion (Siderus)
ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ElectronJS, Basic Of IPFS, Hugo
Aug 2019 - Sept 2019

Orion is a peer to peer file sharing application(Web/Desktop), where you can upload and download any file, Build using IPFS protocol.

- Designed & implemented UI for siderus file sharing app

- Designed, with hugo using material ui

- Implemented features like theme switch, share file & download file options, and new addition in settings menu

- Added option to sync setting in electron and web app with web workers

- Used web workers to communicate between web and electron app

Freelance Software Developer / Noon Academy
React, Redux, HTML, CSS, Firebase Notification
Aug 2018 - Oct 2018

- Noon is a Middle-East company that connects students with on-demand tutors

- Worked on developing wireframes to HMTL designs and integrating APIs for the same page

- Used flex box style for front end, to ease styling vs. traditional CSS styling

- Rewrote pages in React and hence had to design various components from scratch such as flashcard slider, mock-test and practice test page, courses sidebar and slider, classroom page

- Implemented sagas (Redux-saga), reducers for the Required API and integration on certain pages, such as flashcard, mock-test, practice test, courses, etc.

- Integrated firebase notification

Freelance Software Developer / Quodroid Software
AngularJS, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Lodash, ServiceNow API
July 2018 - Present

- Worked on multiple projects with ServiceNow

- Designed pages and frontend functionalities in AngularJS

- Implemented server script (using javascript and ServiceNow wrapper functions) to get data

- Developed the sidebar menu with infinite nesting, bootstrap nav tabs with slider, and traditional dashboard pages

- Used ServiceNow features to customise UI, create widgets, pages, table, UI scripts, etc.

- Servicenow has lots of wrapper in server and client script to query different data from table(Gliderecord), get value of current session(gs), service now widgets like record widget, date widget.

Freelance Software Developer / Plivo Documentation
Javascript, Jekyll, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Google Drive Sheet API
Oct 2018 - May 2019

- Developing the documentation and marketing pages of Plivo

- Conversion of html pages into Jekyll

- Bug fixes across pages

Software Engineer / Cleartrip Pvt Ltd
React, HTML/CSS, RequireJS, Javascript, BackboneJS
March 2017 - July 2018

- Worked as a part of the hotel UI team to incorporate new designs on the search page and also rewrite the filter module

- Implemented the effective pricing module which tackled various use cases around final prices seen on the checkout page such as money in wallet, etc.

- Built the 'Shortlist Hotel' module using React which allows users to filter hotels on search page itself without logging in

- Worked on background sync for search API to load hotel page faster

Sr. Software Engineer / Polycom Technology R&D Center
CSS, HTML, AngularJS, NodeJS, Grunt, RequireJS, Javascript
April 2015 - March 2017

- RPWS is a browser-based video calling portal that collaborates with other Polycom meeting endpoints

- Implemented the UI of asset-ready features with unit test cases

- Worked on features such as 'Join Meeting; and 'In meeting' (Includes video rendering, meeting menu feature, stats, other settings, content sharing etc.)

- Implemented APIs to integrate with third party clients

Software Engineer / Da-Coders (BizInTrade)
C#, .NET, MVC, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuerys
April 2013 - Jan 2015

- The portal is used to post classified ads online with the main features including search, login/register, lists, messaging functionality to users, add to favourites, and admin dashboard

- Helped in design and UI Implementation of assets-ready features

- Handled user facing features like search, product listing, message post, product view etc

Software Engineer / Alpine Health
C#, .NET, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery
April 2012 - April 2013

- Worked on e-Commerce portal for sellers and buyers of consumer products

- Sellers are given the tools to create their online stores and upload various products

- Helped in design and UI Implementation of assets-ready features

- Worked on user-facing modules including cart, payment gateway integration and pages such as home, category, product, search, etc.

Software Engineer / Info drive Pvt. Ltd
C#, .NET, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery
July 2011 - April 2012

- IShelf is an online books library, where users can buy or read books online

- Implemented APIs Using C# and also developed the UI for the same

- Worked on features like Book List, Add, Open, Chat and Bookmark


Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science / Indus Institue Of Technology And Engineering
June 2007 - July 2011


School - 6th To 12th / Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Aug 2000 - May 2007